February 10, 2020

Nepal has always been a dream destination for adventure lovers. With its dramatic landscapes, fascinating culture, biodiversity richness and warm hospitality, Nepal will thrill all of your senses and seize you from all angles.

Covered with snow-capped mountains in North, plain terrain in South, it has a lot to offer esp. trekking in the Himalayas, mountain climbing, wildlife safari in Bardia and Chitwan National park, cultural tours of Kathmandu Valley, wellness and Spiritual tours and many more. After the 2015 earthquake, Nepal has been struggling to receive a large number of tourists. However, starting from 2020 on, it has begun to receive tourists as a part of the nation’s largest campaign on tourism - VISIT NEPAL YEAR 2020. Nepal Government has aimed at receiving 2 million tourists this year.

To achieve the objective, the Government of Nepal has allocated huge amounts of resources and investments on planning the event and shown a strong desire to provide lifetime satisfaction to the guests. Many events are scheduled for VNY 2020, “The Great Karnali Quest” the world’s largest rafting competition at Karnali, “Mustang Trail Race,” the international mountain bike competition from Muktinath to Marpha, high altitude marathons in the Himalayas, activities such as fishing and cannoning are also enlisted to fill in the heat for a Tourism Year. Loved by adventure seekers from all around the globe, Nepal is ready to provide the adrenaline junkies their dozes. And you don’t need to worry about your pocket, as Nepal is a surprisingly affordable destination for travelers – it’s pretty easy to get basic amenities in Kathmandu OR countryside by only spending about or less than $30 a day. If you’ve Everest Base Camp trekking in your bucket list then it might be a little expensive than what you were spending in Kathmandu or countryside.

Being a home of spiritual stories, myths, and practices, Nepal has yet to promote its spirituality. Many enlightened Rishis and Sadhus have long praised Nepalese land for its beauty and purity. The spiritually inclined tourists can look forward to the ‘Shiva-Shakti Circuit’ in the Himalayas, Ramayana Circuit and Buddhist Circuit. The upcoming Buddha Jayanti (Birthday of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha) will be welcoming many visitors from all over the world. ‘Buddha Jayanti’ has been celebrated in Nepal for a very long time. This year the government is going to great lengths in meticulously planning the 2564th birthday celebration of Gautam Buddha in Nepal, to spread the message of peace and prosperity from the land of Buddha itself. Because of the diversity of religion and multiculturalism, traveling throughout different parts of Nepal and familiarizing oneself about each region’s culture is an enlightening experience and shows what a unique place it is to visit.

VNY 2020 is also identifying many new destinations within the region bringing new job opportunities. Declaring new and emerging destinations along with applying sustainable, eco and community-based tourism practices will definitely help preserve both the environment and local lifestyle. Being home to diverse geography, wildlife, culture and habitat, Nepal hopes to open up its authenticity in a balanced and more sustained way. This act is also a measure for the conservation of greeneries, which Nepal is famous for. As tourism has been a mainstay in the Nepalese economy, VNY also aims to be a campaign to alleviate poverty and enhance rural development programs. Also considering the severe impacts of climate change around the world, especially in South Pole, North Pole and in the Himalayas, Nepal has planned to hold sustainable summits conference, to highlight and curve the impacts.

It is certain that Nepal is going to be a wonderful place in 2020 highlighting all of its features to the world. So, why not is a small part of Nepal this coming year and revel in the most unexpected ways, a true experience of serenity in the midst of the mountains, alleys of the villages and temples of Nepal? And lastly; kind, thoughtful, resilient, and generous Nepalese people are the heart of the country, and once you visit, you should take every opportunity to get to know them.

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